Special Input Devices: the Behringer® BCF2000

To use the Behringer BCF2000 with GripTools, you need the Camera GripTools MIDI version.

The Behringer BCF 2000 is a motorized MIDI fader control surface.
We support the BCF2000 in USB mode. We will add motor control as soon as possible.
The device needs to have the latest firmware installed. See the Behringer website for more info.
To use the BCF2000, it needs to be set to operating mode ‘U-1’ (see the manual).
The device ID needs to be ‘Device ID 1’ (Global Setup).

The BCF2000 is a reasonably priced device with lots of controllers. It is very useful in 3D editing. When installed, it adds 16 axes to GripTools, 8 High resolution linear faders and 8 rotary encoders plus 20 buttons. It is a good example of a ‘Inline’ device.
There are 8 ‘channels’ with 4 controls each in one ‘line’.

The BCF2000 is completely preset by GripTools at startup. The BCF2000 system buttons are disabled (locked) to prevent accidental change. We will add a dialog to preset the rotary encoders behavior. Currently the turning speed determines the resolution: Slow move gives fine control, fast moves cause big steps.

To reset the BCF2000 after use to its standard factory settings use the following procedure.
1. Close Cinema 4D
2. Turn the device off and on again.
3. Press the ‘Edit’ and the ‘Exit’ buttons on your BCF2000 simultaneously.
4. The BCF2000 is now in the default state again.

The BCF2000 needs some time to connect to the USB system. Give it some time to settle before starting C4D. If it does not show up in C4D, exit and start C4D again.

We will add support for the BCR2000 (56 rotary encoders!) to Camera GripTools if there is sufficient demand.