Special Input Devices: the Natural Point TrackIR4


To use the TrackIR with GripTools, you need the specialized Camera GripTools TrackIR version.

The TrackIR4 Pro is an infrared ‘head tracker’. It is commonly used by gamers to add the sensation of looking around. Although it is limited in range, it is a very nice device to generate and capture motion. There are two parts; the headset and the camera-receiver. GripTools does not have a special settings dialog for the TrackIR, because the device has its own dialog that needs to be started before proceeding Cinema 4D. This dialog provides you with most settings and calibration. Calibration can by default be done with the ‘F12’ key on the keyboard. This calibration keeps functioning when C4D runs and you may want to use it frequently. There’s a lot of info in the manual and also at the NaturalPoint website.

We've tested the Track IR 4 Pro together with the additional Trackclip Pro device, which is fully compatible with Camera GripTools too.

The tutorial video about the 6 D.O.F. Handheld mode also coveres how to use the Track IR:


Click here to watch the video


Go to the TrackIR Xtension page


Click here to go to the NaturalPoint website