Special Input Devices: The Nintendo® Wiimote


To use the Wiimote with GripTools on Mac OS X, please read our OSCulator Wiimote tutorial.

We currently don't officially support the use of the Wiimote with GripTools on Windows.
Please contact us for any questions.


About the Wiimote

‘Wiimote’ is a nickname for the wireless Bluetooth remote controller as a part of the Nintendo® Wii™ game system. The Wiimote is not designed for use on personal computers and Nintendo® does not support this use or software. However, the Wiimote uses the wireless Bluetooth system to receive and transmit data. A lot of computers have nowadays standard Bluetooth support. It should therefore theoretically be possible for a computer to communicate with a Wiimote.

Connection on Mac Max OS X:
Because all Apple hardware running Mac OS X use the same Bluetooth hardware and drivers, you can easily make a stable connection to your Wiimote using a Mac. We suggest to use the Wiimote with GripTools Basic using software called OSCulator. Please read our OSCulator Wiimote tutorial!

Connection on Windows [not supported anymore]:
It is possible to connect to the Wiimote, however not in all combinations of Bluetooth hardware & drivers, Windows versions etc. At this moment it’s unclear what setup is stable. Therefore we do not support the Wiimote anymore for use with GripTools on Windows.

If you still want to experiment with the Wiimote on Windows, using a 3rd party driver, continue reading.
You should at least have a Bluetooth device or dongle installed and working. You do not need the Wii main unit, just the remote controller (Wiimote). If Bluetooth is installed on your computer, you will see the enabled blue icon in the system tray. In our tests, the Wiimote appeared as a Human Interface Device (HID) in the Bluetooth selection dialogs. We found that Windows XP with varying hardware worked. But we cannot guarantee this. As long as this is the case, we cannot support the Wiimote. There is not much you can do but experiment with the setup.
There is a lot of information on the web about how to connect and use the Wiimote with a PC. There are some 3rd pary drivers like GlovePIE for the Wiimote.
In case you have succeeded to connect a Wiimote to your Windows system emulating a Joystick, you can try to use it with GripTools Basic. Get the free demo here.