What is Camera GripTools?

'Camera GripTools' is a real time motion capture plug-in for
Maxon CINEMA 4D.

With GripTools you can breathe life into virtual objects using a wide range of input devices in a simple and coherent user interface.
GripTools is the way to navigate and animate the 3D world in a natural and very intuitive way.

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The concept

The main concept is the use of 'Control Modes'. You choose a mode and the object will behave that way, no matter what input device you use.

Control can be split up in 3 Sections with 10 different "Modes":
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You can do all this in real time, with a surprising range of input devices and create stunning animations.

Camera grip simulation presets

Transport vehicle simulation presets

Object property control

All camera support systems have their own qualities. Camera GripTools can simulate the real world camera mounting systems:



Moving a camera or an object in the 3D world has never been so easy.
GripTools simulates the typical motion of the basic vehicles:

Flying platform


With Camera GripTools you can animate properties of objects, like the intensity or the color of light. Or the size of a balloon, or the effect of deformers, or physics parameters or...

We call it the 'Custom Mode'. Click here to read all about the new Custom Mode!



The user interface

The user interface is where the data from the Xtensions is channeled to the controlled objects. Within one simple interface you have easy access to all connected input hardware and modifiers, at once and in real-time.

The Xtensions

The GripTools Xtensions are the tunnels between your input devices and the unified GripTools User Interface.



Available Xtensions:

Supports devices



The iPhone using the iXplorer App mac win


Joysticks, game controllers, steering wheels and more mac win


General MIDI devices, high resolution fader support for BCF2000 mac win


Naturalpoint TrackIR (6 D.O.F. tracker) win


Tailor made hardware interface solutions mac win

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