Using GripTools together with OSCulator

Using Camera GripTools together with OSCulator (for Mac OS X) enables great possibilities for CINEMA 4D!
This page covers the following subject:

Use your Wiimote (+ the MotionPlus Gyro!)


Getting started in five easy steps

Currently, you can use OSCulator with our GripTools Basic plugin for CINEMA 4D. We have currently no support for using GripTools MIDI with OSCulator, but this may change in future.


Step 1: Download OSCulator

Go to , get the latest version and install it!


Step 2: Download preset

We have made special OSCulator presets for use with our Camera GripTools Basic:

Select one of our PRESETS:
right-click, "download/save as..."

Download GripTools Basic Wiimote preset
Download GripTools Basic Wiimote+ MotionPlus preset

Next, open the downloaded preset in OSCulator,
using "File --> Open..." or by simply double clicking on the .oscd file.


Step 3: Connect

Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on.


Launch OSCulator, and open the GripTools preset.

Press the "1" and "2" buttons on your Wiimote simultaniously. The blue leds will start blinking.
Your Wiimote will connect automatically!

In OSCulator, make sure the status is "Running", otherwise press the green "Start" button.

osculator running

You can now minimize the OSCulator window.


Step 4: Launch CINEMA 4D + GripTools Basic

We assume you have already installed the Camera GripTools Basic plugin in CINEMA 4D. (You can also use the free DEMO version for this! Get it here).
Launch CINEMA 4D, and open "GripTools Basic" from the "Plugins" menu.


Step 5: Start using!

Start using your device as if it was a regular joystick in Camera GripTools!
If you need any help with this, please to the GripTools Basic PDF userguide. You can find this in the plugin's "Documents" folder.


The possibilities

Control objects and camera's using the WiiMote is great. It get's even better when you have the Wii Motion Plus extension. The MotionPlus adds 3 GYRO sensors to your WiiMote. This means it can measure angular velocity.
That's really useful for rotating objects in CINEMA 4D more accurately.

The Wiimote itself has 3 acceleration sensors.
Additionally, the it has a camera that can detect IR-leds. This means you can reproduce the animation effects with the Thumb-IR leds in our introduction video.


If you understand how OSCulator works, you can also make your own presets. For example, you can configure more Wiimote extensions (like the Nunchuck). Or, you can connect 2 Wiimotes with both a MotionPlus, and combine the two gyro sensors in CINEMA 4D with GripTools for great effects.