The Handheld 6 D.O.F. mode

The Handheld 6 D.O.F. mode (6’20”)
Learn how to: Use the Handheld mode
Assign Axes
Using motion Tracker devices
Map Axes
Axes used: Position X, Y, Z, Rotation X,Y,Z and Zoom
Device used: IR tracker and Magnetic tracker
GripTools version used: Camera GripTools TrackIR,
Camera GripTools Patriot

By using a ‘real’ tracker device you are able to generate human-like motion for your camera (or any other object). Move and look around freely in your scene: Pan, Tilt, Bank, Left, Right, Forward, Back and Up/Down. The Polhemus Patriot magnetic tracker and the TrackIR4 are used in this demo to generate the motion.
See how to assign the right input device axis to the controlled object.
And: learn more about the basic use of the GripTools axis mapping capabilities.

The first example shows how to ‘observe’ an army of C4D ‘Figures’ with the camera. The second demonstrates the use of GripTools to move an object. Here a very obedient C4D ‘figure’.