Mapping the axes ranges

Mapping the axes ranges (1’05”)
Learn how to: Apply the exact motion you need by using the GripTools Circular Slider.
Setting the preferred centre direction for motion
Axes used: Pan
Device used: Joystick

There’s a large (circular) object at at the centre of the GripTools graphical display. It’s a slider.
There’s a linear type too, but both have the same purpose: Visualizing and mapping your input to the object’s movement. Normally your joystick’s and the controlled object’s axes have a one to one relation. Maximum Joystick deflection (L/R) is say -180 to +180 degrees on an object axis. You may not always want this wide range. With the mapper you can assign the maximum joystick movement to a part of the object rotation.
First we see the unmapped one to one relation, the a small range selection.
You can also use to set the centre direction by using this circular slider.