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Key features:

Animate & control objects or cameras with:
- Hardware MIDI fader panels,
- Special support for the Behringer BCF2000 high resolution faders
- Virtual fader surface mobile & desktop apps
- MIDI Keyboards
- MIDI sequencers
- MIDI -pads -tap - drum -etc  hardware/apps
- New/experimental types of MIDI generating hardware/apps
Use the buttons on your MIDI device to control CINEMA 4D
Control the CINEMA 4D Editor Camera with your MIDI device

MIDI Xtension for Windows


Using MIDI hardware with CINEMA 4D opens a whole new world of possibilities. You can use MIDI devices having faders, rotary encoders, lots of buttons and more. You can choose from a wide range of MIDI hardware manufacturers. Camera GripTools is the only support solution for using MIDI hardware with CINEMA 4D!

Read more about Camera GripTools features

To find out if your device works with this Xtension, download the free Camera GripTools demo version here!



Incoming MIDI messages are displayed in detail, with all properties in-line
Axes activity indication, individual as well as collective
Axes can be blocked (skipped)
Axes usage is selectable, axis/button
The axis name are custom editable
MIDI messages can be filtered by type
Axes values, as send to the 3D application, are invertible (0..1 > 1..0)
Axes/device setup, including edited axes names can be saved and re-used
Optional filtering by MIDI channel
Raw incoming MIDI data can be viewed, recorded and saved
Detection process can be cleared and restarted
Additional axes management, including axes/button count and overload indication




Apps and utilities

To exploit  the new MIDI possibilities,  you may need some apps and utilities.
Please find below some references, links and names that might come in handy.

iPhone/iPad apps (checked)
"Midi Monitor" & "MIDI Touch"from iOS MIDI
“ACUNA!PANEL” from Studio Logic
“Faders & PAD” from YAMAHA
“MidiPads” Lite” from Crossfire Designs
“AC-7” Core MIDI series
"Genome  MIDI Sequencer" from David Wallin

Android (not checked)
"TouchDAW" from humatic
"Wireless Mixer" from Borce Trajkovski
"TouchOSC" from
"Fingerplay MIDI" from


MIDI Utility Hardware

Most MIDI hardware will support an USB connection to the workstation computer.
But if you have a MIDI device with the original output for DIN plugs only, you'll need a midi to USB cable


rtpMIDI from
rtpMidi uses Apple Bonjour (Win/Mac) with a very good tutorial.


MIDI over LAN (wired)

ipMIDI from (Win/Mac)


Local MIDI (on same computer)

LoopBe1 from (Win)


More MIDI Utility Software

MIDI-OX from allround MIDI utility software (Win)
MIDI Yoke Junction from
Maple Virtual MIDI Cable from marblesound
Hubi's MIDI LoopBack device from Hubert Winkler (win 3.x and 9x only)
MIDI Matrix from NTONYX
Virtual MIDI Router from Sony


MIDI Xtension (Demo)
MIDI Xtension
Support for General MIDI controllers
Max. number of device axes
Max. number of device buttons
Max. number of devices
Special support for Behringer BCF 2000 high resolution faders
Recording (keyframes)

Windows XP and up
Windows XP and up


System Requirements
  MIDI Xtension for Camera GripTools
*Operating systems:

> Microsoft Windows XP and up
Works with C4D in 32 bit mode only (does run in both Win 32/64bit)


Hardware: General MIDI devices (For example, having Fader sliders or Rotary encoders). Additional support for BCF2000.
Plugin for: